Almost, another month passes. Today was my birthday but the only people who remember are family and compute programs. Very sad I must say. Mayb I will vent more depression later.
   posted at 14:05

oh a whole month almost of no blogging. unfortunately not much has changed. working on graphics for my pitiful little site here. trying to get it to look the same in Netscape 4 & 6 and IE 5.5. Not an easy task though each time I get a little better at it. started classes yesterday in fact. what a bore. but must last the semester. guess that is all for now.
   posted at 14:54

well, i can safely say i hate having to make webpages compatible for both netscape and ie. what a flippin' pain. hmm... maybe if i didn't utilize stylesheets and stuff i would have less of a problem, oh well.

not much else, to say.
   posted at 22:44

ah... another day another dollar. slow boring wins the race i guess.

~stares blankly into space~

work was a bore. get to sit in a small cubicle and do a stupid job. jeez almost can't wait to start back at school.

my lovebird did a funny thing the other day. been giving her a little soda and the other day she came over and sat on the edge of the can, the first time she ever did something like that. It was funny I would put her back on her cage and she would came back and sit on the edge of the can, licking some of the soda. it was so cute.
   posted at 22:39

yep, only took me a week to finish the design
for this page.  funny thing is i don't know
what to put here.

a quiet day today. the ezboard system is down for
maintenence. guess, i'll get some work done.

   posted at 14:46

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